Key Prophecies!


During worship last Sunday, the Spirit of Prophecy began to move powerfully.  Here is a portion of the revelation that came forward:

“The enemy has been laughing and mocking at you and saying, ‘Look what you postponed!’  But this is a time when I am washing the clock of your heart and re-setting it again.  You will be in My time now, to move forward.  Come to the laver and be washed so that the clock begins to move in My time.  Your feet will be re-ordered, your mind will be cleansed, and what you couldn’t attain in the last season you will attain now. 

“Some of you think the enemy has brought a misunderstanding and a confusion, and that the enemy has taunted you that your understanding has been limited.  But in this hour don’t think you need to rely on your own understanding, because as you put your trust in Me, this will be an hour when I begin to open up the pathway before you.  Lay down the thoughts of your mind that say, ‘I must understand before I take the first step.’  For I am opening up the pathway before you; if you have faith to believe, then I will see that you move forward! 

“This is a day I have called you to re-shod your feet.  This week you will begin to see Me move your feet in a way that you have not moved before.  There are doors opening that you need to walk through, but you will not be able to walk through these doors with the feet that you had in last season.  So look up to Heaven today and ask for Me to re-guard your feet, to re-gird your feet, so you can move into the place that I have opened up for you. 

“For haven’t I said, ‘He who sits in the heavens laughs?’  I laugh last! I am now putting movement to your feet of laughter.  I’m infusing in you a joy that you’ve not had in a past season, and in the midst of that joy, know that I’m causing Myself to laugh within you.  Gain your strength, undergird your spirit, and allow Me now to laugh, because I will have the last say.  I will have the last laugh and all the rest of the world must come under the redemption piece of what I’ve called you to be in this hour.  So turn, turn, turn from your mourning and embrace the garment of joy in this season.  What has been crooked I am now straightening!  I am coming to give you an unspeakable joy -- an unspeakable, unimaginable joy that will confuse the enemy.  When that joy comes upon you, the enemy will need to open the gates for you.

“One place your feet are going to go this week is in the wine press.  The press is full, and I’m calling you now to tread it out and to dance in the wine press.  There is a vintage of joy that is coming forth, so do not hesitate to step in! Don’t worry about getting your feet dirty! Don’t worry about getting them stained! Just come on in and press away, press away, press away!  I am trumpeting in this hour and have drawn a line in the vineyard for you to tread upon.  Take out your pen and dip it into the well that is My blood, and write the decrees that will allow you to obtain the wind of My Spirit!
“I am creating a greater freedom in China than My people have ever seen. Watch,  for I will be raising up My sons and daughters.  They will be speaking and they will be covering, and even at this Sukkot time they will get under My covering like they’ve never been before.  Though China is causing the world to shift, know that I am shifting into China, and because of that, I will do a major work with My people from that land and all of their descendants that have moved from one place to another.   The government of America will speak to the Body of Christ in America and say, ‘We long for you to have freedom again.  For your freedom has been removed and you have less freedom than a Communist nation to worship the Lord.  We want the Lord to return again and give you a new freedom.’ 

“For this is a time when the Body of Christ is not called to execute the plans of Pharaoh for the Pharaoh Kingdom.  This is the season for the Body of Christ to execute Kingdom, the Kingdom by the Lord God Jehovah!  Release a cry of the heart now to Israel and say, ‘Cry out and be heard and be released from the plans and the destiny of Pharaoh!’  For I’ve always had a people who would cry out to Me in the midst of their captivity!  In the same way that Israel cried out for Me in the land of Egypt, while they were in captivity, and I heard their cry, know that even as I heard the cry of My people when they were in Babylonian captivity and I heard their cry and brought them into freedom, know that also in this nation, over this last number of years, know that over and over I have heard My people cry out!  When there was slavery, when there was captivity, I heard the cry of My people as they called out.

“Do not be as those who were in Babylonian captivity who became comfortable in the midst of their captivity and chose to remain with their captors, rather than join those who chose freedom.  This is the moment to begin to cry out to Me in a new way!  I am a God who hears your cry, and if you will cry out to Me, know that I will break the chains of your captivity and bring you into a freedom.  This is not a time to become comfortable, but let the cry of freedom ring forth and know that I am a God who hears and will answer your cry.
“That which I have pressed in this place is being preserved and bottled this hour for export.  Wake up sleepers and all who have dreamed a dream in hours past.  It is time for you to dream that dream again.”









Words given by:

(Acijam Otxoa, Chuck Pierce, Brian Kooiman, Tobias Lyons, Robyn Vincent, Melinda Richardson, Lisa Lyons, Mary Beth Graceson, Marty Cassady, Anne Tate, Barbara Wentroble, LeAnn Squier)

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