God’s Most Valuable Creation

God’s Most Valuable Creation

Understanding our unique identity and purpose in life is a journey of a lifetime. Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why was I born?” I am sure that most individuals will attest to having asked themselves this question. Your identity answers the question, “Who has God created me to be?” Human beings are God’s most valuable creations. Why? Because we were created in His image and likeness. That doesn’t mean that God is confined to human form like we are. It means that we possess intellect and free will. We have the power to choose each day! We can create beautiful works of art, discover cures for many diseases or compose a symphony. We were designed to live purposeful lives that honor God each day.

Your life’s purpose answers the question, “What has God called me to do?” Our heavenly Father wants us to be secure in His love and in the fact that He loves us and that we were created with a specific purpose in mind. Too many people live their entire lives being uncertain about their unique, personal identity.

Spend Time with Your Creator

One key to finding your unique identity and purpose is to get alone with God. Spend time meditating and worshiping God. He is the Creator and Author of your identity and he wants you to know why He created you. You see, as you embrace your unique identity and destiny, you bring glory to God. Don’t spend another day living with an “identity crisis.”

Discover Your Passion

Another key to finding your personal identity and purpose is to recognize your passion. What are you passionate about? What is the one thing that seems to bring the sparkle to your eyes and a sense of contentment within you when you do it?

Your interests and the things that you are passionate about are an important part of who you are. You may even have a sense of destiny or call from God—this is also a clue to your identity.

  • Gideon’s destiny was to lead the Israelites in battle and lead the nation to God. God addressed him by his identity: “mighty warrior.” (Judges 6:12)

  • Abram’s destiny was to birth a Messianic lineage. God named him “Abraham,” which meant “father of a multitude.” (Gen 17:4-6)

How God Sees You

Do you have a sense of particular purpose? Have you had a glimpse of God’s call on your life? Working backwards, what does this say about how God sees you and who He has created you to be?

Your identity is like a crystal that when held to the light reflects many facets and colors. You do not have to come up with a single name or description, although you may have one that stands out and sums up the other attributes.

I encourage you to take time and create a list using the words, “God has created me to be…”

It’s okay to still be uncertain—give yourself the freedom to explore what this means as you live your life with God. Your God-given identity will continue to emerge and become clearer over time.


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