Worship and War

Worship and War. Just like oil and water, these two concepts just don’t mix; or do they?

If you close your eyes and think “worship,” what image comes to mind? The arms of a devout believer reaching skyward, while melodically singing the overtones of “hallelujah” in a peaceful, and serene manner, perhaps? How about “war?” I know! Violent images abound: the clashing of swords, the piercing noises, or the daunting images of horses and chariots maybe? It is no wonder that one would view these two concepts in opposition to one another. However, as contrary as they may seem, you may be surprised to know that “worship” and “war” are deeply, and intimately connected.

The ART of WAR is not truly understood without its counterpart,


How can this be, you ask? Let’s take a look at the life of King David for a moment. David was a great man of war. Wherever he went, while operating under God’s command, David slayed Goliath, lions, and bears (oh my!). On the other hand, he also was affectionately known as a man after God’s own heart. To be known by God in this manner implies an intimate place of worship unto the Lord.

In 2 Samuel 5:19, David inquires to the Lord to discern whether he should go to war against the Philistines. The Lord responds to David and instructs him to go forward, for surely he would defeat his enemies.

What is important to note within this story, is that this inquiry to God was only David’s first. David went to God a SECOND time, and was given specific instructions on how to defeat the enemy. You see, it is in that place of worship where we receive God’s insights in order to effectively wage good warfare.

In another example, let’s look let’s look at the story of Sampson and Delilah. It was not until Delilah was willing to get close to Sampson that he became willing to disclose to her the source of his strength! Oh worshipping bride! Again, it is in that place of intimacy or worship with our Father that the greatest secrets are revealed, strategies are discovered, and victory becomes certain!

In the end, a lack of worship equates to a lack of WINNING strategies!

In a world where homes are broken, families are divided, and our justice system isn’t always just, it is now time for the warrior bride of Christ to rise up into that place of worship and hear the strategies for victory in this hour. Will you answer the call?


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