The Hebrew Month of Tishrei

Characteristic of Tishrei


SUMMARY: The Month of Tishrei


Tishrei: 30 days - September/October


Alphabet: LAMED - "be fruitful & multiply"




Characteristics:Tishrei is the 7th month and all sevens are important: "completion, fullness." The month of the "Fall Feasts," returning to God and experiencing His Glory. The month to "touch" (Mat. 9); remember the woman at the well who pressed through to touch Him. The month linked with awakening and removing that which would keep you from returning.


Color/Stone:Black/Black Onyx or Agate


The Hebrew month of Tishrei is the seventh month from Nisan. More than any other month of they year, it is a month of God's appointed times. "The month of the strong" or "the month of the ancients" is a month of completion and perfection. As the seventh month, Tishrei is the month of the Head of the Year, Rosh Hashanah. God has declared a time for us to feast at the Head of the Year, which provides revelation for the year ahead. Divine providence creates a new beginning.


Tishrei is the month of Ephraim. Ephraim, Joseph's second son, went before the firstborn, Manasseh. This is the month to be fruitful and multiply.


This is the month of Leviathan, which signifies the aspiration to return to your absolute source. Ask the Lord how you are to get to the place where you are sure you are flowing in what He is doing. During this month decree that the things that have been scattered will return to you.


This month is linked with arousal and awakening, as well as bitterness, which keeps you from returning to the Lord. At the Head of the Year, you want to be sure you are cleansed of all bitterness.

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